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About Us

In 1999, we moved from a very small office into a
little larger but still small office/warehouse facility
in Tamarac, Florida.

We also planted a very small garden. 

With lots of care and attention it grew...

butterfly garden

Live Butterfly Wedding


butterfly release garden - butterfly gardening

So did our business!

Today we occupy 3000sf of office/warehouse, filled to capacity with all your favorite butterfly products.
8 full-time employees man the phones and
storefront from 9am - 9pm EST

We also have breeding and shipping facilities in
California to serve our western orders.
A North Texas Opening in Spring 2006


Butterfly Exhibit

Then we started expanding..
Coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

Live Butterfly Exhibit

Butterfly Wedding


Mall Kiosk Butterfly Gifts


December 2004
Magical Beginnings Butterfly Farms of Los Gatos, California has been successfully raising and releasing live butterflies for weddings, funerals, and special events, full time for the last nine years. With farms in California, Minnesota, Texas and Florida in order to accommodate clients across the United States.  Magical Beginnings is one of the largest and most respected butterfly farms in the industry. Few companies even come close to the experience, proper breeding, and care that they give to each and every butterfly sold.

 ** Amazing Butterflies has recently joined forces with Magical Beginning. Together we will continue to exceed your expectations by offering the highest quality products and customer service available. Amazing Butterflies has been operating a very successful fulltime, year-round butterfly operation with it's corporate location in South Florida, and satellite office in California since 1999.  With over 25 years experience in the butterfly industry, you can be assured of becoming another very satisfied customer.
When ordering for something as special as your wedding, don't settle less for anything less than the Best from any vendor!


Live Butterflies Wedding Release

Live Butterfly Wedding

Who we are

Amazing Butterflies is a fulltime, year-round business dedicated to fulfilling the butterfly requirements of: Weddings, Funerals, Birthdays, Charity Fundraisers, Schools, Corporate Events, TV, Movies and much more...  With offices on both coasts and an Amazing Traveling Butterfly Exhibit, we can accommodate just about everyone.

** This is not a hobby for us to play with during the summer months by creating fancy websites, offering very low prices and not being able to fulfill your orders.

Amazing Butterflies employs 8 fulltime staff and up to 12 part-time staff during the peak season.

** Are you willing to take the chance of a butterfly fiasco on your wedding day?! 
As the saying goes....   You get what you pay for!

We are not members of the IBBA, International Butterfly Breeders Association or any other butterfly breeding association as they tend to be geared towards the hobbyist and butterfly enthusiasts.

We supply and have supplied for many years, IBBA members and IBBA board members butterflies
including drop shipping their orders.

Our Goal

To find a unique way to bring beauty and magic to people's lives while bringing awareness to the wonder, fragility, and importance of even the smallest creatures and their habitats on the planet.

Butterflies are important members in the web of life whose numbers are being dramatically diminished or extincted by development and pollution.  By participating in a butterfly release, you help us do our part to maintain and grow butterfly populations for the benefit of all.  We have several farms and affiliate farms across the US, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico and the Philippines.

By purchasing any of our Exotic butterfly artwork, you are helping the native people of the rainforests gain income from raising butterflies and not from harvesting timber for lumber or clearing virgin rainforest for cattle grazing.

We are proud members of the:  National Association of Wedding Planners(NAWP), American Academy of Wedding Professionals(AAWP) and International Butterfly Exhibitors Association (IABE)

We advertise nationally in major publications such as: Modern Bride, Brides, Martha Stewart Weddings,  Premier Brides, My South Florida Weddings, Latin American Bride, Ritz Carlton Weddings and several other publications.

Butterfly Wedding Theme

Corporate Location
4613 N University Dr #610
Coral Spring, Fl 33067

 California Location
Los Gatos, California





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