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USED 15 Gallon Fabric Grow / Planter Bags (SET of 10)

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USED 15+ Gallon Fabric Grow Bags

Sold in Sets of 10 Growing bags
These planter bags last for years. These are about 1 year old.
Quality Container (Made in the U.S.)
Durable U.V. resistant fabric that lasts for years
Porous, providing excellent drainage and incredible aeration
Healthier Root Structure
Air root pruning creates masses of fibrous feeder roots which maximize plant growth
Minimized root circling allows for longer life
Faster Growth
Abundance of fibrous feeder roots promotes faster growth
Insulated soil provides moderated root zone temperature
More natural, in-ground-like environment
Sturdy and Wind Resistant
Durable and long-lasting, can be reused and lasts for years
Resists damage from expanding and aggressive roots
Ground-hugging bottoms reduce wind blow-overs
Tack-down occurs when grown on bare ground, providing additional stability
Cost-Effective Harvesting
No need for pre-harvest preparation such as root pruning
No digging of field-grown trees
Reduced harvest costs and time
Ability to grow in areas with sandy soils
Avoid heavy clay pots that break and break your back
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  • Model: 15GalBags

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